Below is a sample of some the iconic furnishings available from the bitch is back. Those who wish to arrange a viewing before purchase, or have unanswered questions, are invited to get in contact via our Contact Us page.

Although we pride ourselves on both the exclusivity and diversity of our collection, we are proud to say we are frequently in possession of the following designers:

  • Dario Zoureff
  • Rosando
  • Rudowski
  • Gurtner
  • Parker
  • Moderntone
  • Chiswell
  • Grant & Mary Featherstone
  • John Grimes
  • Fler
  • Aristoc
  • Fred Lowen
  • SchulimKrimper
  • Clement Meadmore
  • Douglas Snellng

We continuously stock work from these individuals and organizations as they represent the very pinnacle of Australian-based design from the mid-century through to the 70s. Works from these names are commonly found in the National Gallery of Victoria and are highly sought-after pieces.